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Over 11 Million Victims in 2010!

Plus, the cost to resolve identity fraud issues rose dramatically in 2010 because there was a change in the type of fraud that was being committed.

New Account fraud is on the rise and this is the hardest type to detect and costs the victim the most. The majority of thieves who use friendly fraud, where they target friends and relatives they know, are able to do a lot of damage by setting up new accounts in the victim’s name. Since the victim has no idea that they are a victim, they can continue to use their identity longer, which racks up more financial theft.

New Laws Put Your Business at Risk!

Currently Their Are Over 49 Laws That Could Put Your Company At Risk!
  • Businesses Must Provide Victims and Law Enforcement with Transaction Records Relating to Identity Theft
  • Disposing of Consumer Report Information? New Rule Tells How
  • Information Compromise and the Risk of Identity Theft: Guidance for Your Business
  • Financial Institutions and Customer Data: Complying with the Safeguards Rule
  • Protecting Personal Information: A Guide for Business
  • Security Check: Reducing Risks to your Computer Systems

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